Attorney Profile:

With over ten years of litigation experience, Kasie is recognized as a knowledgable, effective and ethical advocate for her clients. She serves as a legal expert on a San Francisco radio station and sits on the conflict panel for criminal and delinquency cases in the San Francisco County Superior Court.
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Speaking Engagements:

Kasie speaks on the topic of the use of social media in criminal investigations and using social media evidence in criminal trials. She has been a guest speaker at both statewide and nationwide conventions. Her most recent talk was at the National Juvenile Defender Center Summit in October of 2015. Read more

Blog Posts:

An interrogation is basically a questioning process used by law enforcement officers to gather information or even to extract a confession out of an individual…even if the individual might be innocent. At what point should an individual give up his right to remain silent? Read more

Recent Case Successes:

A complaint alleging over 20 serious and violent sexual felony counts was filed against Client, a local celebrity who will remain unnamed. Following defense investigation and a written memo to the District Attorney’s Office, the client admitted to one count and was granted probation. Read more