Our office handles a broad range of cases. Below are just a few of some of our notable successes.

*The verdicts and settlements that are mentioned below are examples of some of our successes and are not a guarantee of future results. 

Aggravated Assault

Summary: Client was accused of assaulting a star football player, causing an injury requiring over 100 stitches, a concussion, and the loss of ability to play football again. Defense investigation revealed that Client was acting in self-defense. After an 8-day jury trial, the jury agreed with the defense version of the facts.

Result: Not guilty on all counts.

Criminal Threats

Summary: Client was accused of brandishing a gun and two kitchen knives at his neighbor while issuing a verbal threat to shoot him. After a series of plea negotiations and written motions filed by the defense, we reached a resolution that left Client with no criminal record.

Result: All felony counts dismissed. Client pled to a misdemeanor assault, which was later dismissed upon completion of community service and anger management classes.

DUI: No Driving Defense / Mistaken Identity

Summary: Client was accused of driving under the influence. The eyewitness, a famous photographer who prided himself in his ability to recognize faces, identified the wrong suspect. Following a full investigation, we proceeded to jury trial.

Result: Case dismissed.


Summary: Client, a minor, was charged with inflicting great bodily injury on school staff. After conducting a full investigation, we learned that the facts as stated in the police report were inaccurate.

Result: Case dismissed.


Summary: Client was charged with one count of possessing a loaded Marlin .22 rifle on his person. Because of Client’s innocence, we rejected all offers and proceeded to trial.

Result: Case dismissed.

Gang Cases / Shooting Into An Inhabited Dwelling

Summary: Client and two other individuals were charged with the above counts. Following preliminary hearing in which multiple prosecution witnesses were called, we filed a written motion to dismiss.

Result: Case dismissed.


Summary: Client was charged with kidnapping a stranger for the purpose of committing ransom / robbery. Because Client maintained his innocence, we took the matter to jury trial.

Result: Not Guilty on all kidnapping charges; guilty only of brandishing firearm at officer at time of arrest.

Murder (1st Degree)

Summary: Client was charged with murder. This case received a lot of media attention because it was the first alleged murder in Burbank, California in over a two-year period.

Result: Murder count dismissed; Plea to Assault with 2 Years State Prison

Robbery (Attempted)

Summary: Client allegedly robbed a stranger at knifepoint. The prosecution demanded state prison. After appointing a psychologist, obtaining character references, and submitting a mitigation memorandum on behalf of the client, the Court agreed to undercut the prosecution's offer and allow Client to complete a 1-year drug-treatment program in lieu of any custody time.

Result: One-year drug treatment program.


Summary: Client, an elderly gardener with no criminal record, was being harassed and bullied by a gang member. In the midst of being beaten, Client believed he was going to die and pulled out his garden shears and stabbed the victim. We proceeded to a 7-day jury trial.

Result: Not Guilty on all counts.

Sex Cases

Summary: Client was charged with over 17 counts of sexual offenses, including forcible rape, forcible sodomy, sex with a minor and other violent offenses. In a written motion following our investigation, we convinced the prosecution that the victim was fabricating much of the story.

Result: Plea to one non-violent offense, all other counts dismissed. Client served 180 days in county jail.

Welfare Fraud

Summary: Client was overpaid two weeks of in-home care and subsequently charged with twelve counts of welfare fraud. A conviction on any count would have jeopardized her future career as an officer. Showing proof that the oversight was unintentional, we negotiated a resolution to pay the restitution without pleading guilty.

Result: Case dismissed.